(Via @Redskins.)

I can see fans and media sprinkling “Bob Griffin” references into their casual talk this season, especially when RGIII does something well, and especially against the Giants.

“Bob Griffin, man, Bob Griffin,” for example. Or “WHAT ABOUT BOB!!!!!!”

Here, though, is a nickname I probably won’t use:

“I got a chance to talk to Thrizzle,” Wale told WJLA’s Alex Parker on Monday. “Thrizzle’s my nickname for RGIII. The word RGIII, I’m hearing that too much. I just say Thrizzle. Just Thrizzle. RGThrizzle.”

Ah, who am I kidding? I’m sure I’ll use “Thrizzle” more than once, too.

“WHAT ABOUT THRIZZLE!!!!!” for example.

Wale, if you didn’t hear, was the special honored guest at Redskins Park on Monday, leading to a few photos with Daniel Snyder (below), and one with Pierre Garcon’s jersey. Images via @Redskins, @Wale, @tomcblock and Garcon’s Facebook page.


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