Still, here was a key moment of the game that was largely ignored by the CBS broadcast. After Washington scored 17 unanswered points spanning the second and third quarters, the Bengals got the ball back and fumbled on their second play from scrimmage. Josh Wilson recovered the fumble, but was ruled down. Then the game continued merrily along, the Redskins went 3-and-out, and Cincinnati wound up scoring the game’s next 14 points.

Except, as a whole bunch of Redskins fans immediately began pointing out online, it wasn’t exactly clear why Wilson was ruled down.

Above, please find an admittedly blurry side view of the play. You can clearly see nine Bengals who are not close to touching Wilson, who is in that little pile of burgundy at the top of the screen. A 10th Bengal, QB Andy Dalton, is out of view to the left; you can see his shadow by the 40-yard line.

That means the only Cincinnati player who could plausibly have downed Wilson before he got up and ran into the end zone was the ball carrier, BenJarvus Green-Ellis. Did the law firm down Wilson? Watch the video here. See images below.

Now, clearly I don’t have indisputable visual evidence here. I’m not sure such evidence exists online. But I really would have liked those multiple replays from different angles. Because a 31-24 lead and 24 unanswered points would have sure felt different than a 24-24 tie and a punt.