Megan Rossman for Synthesis/Koubaroulis LLC/The Washington Post


Bruce Boudreau, on Fan Appreciation Night video: “Thank you Caps fans for being with us and supporting us every day. We truly have the best fans in sports. Keep rocking the red, and we’ll unleash the fury.”

Mike Rizzo, on Opening Day: “I just want to thank all the fans of Washington, D.C;, the best fan base in all of baseball, and welcome you to the 2011 version of the Washington Nationals. We’re looking for an exciting, energetic ballclub for you, and a successful season, and let’s Play Ball. Go Nats!”

Joe Gibbs, on Redskins Nation: “Every time I come to Washington, Pat and I always talk about the fact of the people that live here, the fans. There’s no other fan like the Washington fan. I believe that. And we go to some stadiums in the country, when there was bad weather, and maybe 20 percent of them don’t show up. They all show up with Washington. And I think our fan base here is just exceptional.”

No word on who gets stuck trying to argue that the Wizards have the best fans in the NBA.