They won’t be alone. I don’t know how you’d measure such a thing, but I have to imagine that the D.C. market has been one of the biggest sources of ESPN talent in the country. Not even counting guys like Brett Haber and Dave Feldman, the number of people with D.C. ties working in ESPN editorial is sort of stunning.

How about this:

Tony Kornheiser (Washington Post), Michael Wilbon (Washington Post), Sage Steele (Comcast SportsNet), Bram Weinstein (ESPN 980), Sara Walsh (WUSA), Lindsay Czarniak (WRC), Norman Chad (Washington Post), Chris McKendry (WJLA), Michael Kim (News Channel 8), Mark Schlabach (Washington Post), Marc Stein (Washington Post), Tom Friend (Washington Post), Rachel Nichols (Washington Post), J.A. Adande (Washington Post), Jorge Arangure Jr. (Washington Post), Patrick Hruby (Washington Times), Heather Dinich (Washington Post), Ric Bucher (Washington Post), Eric Karabell (Washington Post), Howard Bryant (Washington Post), Scott Van Pelt (WTTG), Mike Patrick (WJLA), Pam Ward (WTEM) and Tim Kurkjian (Washington Star).

And that’s on about 15 minutes of research. Who am I forgetting?