(Luis Alvarez/AP)

The magazine doesn’t appear to indicate how the Reader Picks were picked, but there are several sports angles, with the magazine’s text.

Local Hero/Heroine: Alex Ovechkin. The Caps flamed out in the playoffs, but Ovechkin still scores with fans. Also popular: Eddie Pope, Michelle Rhee, Barack Obama.

(Eddie Pope? What year is this?)

Best Local Radio Personality: Sports Junkies. WJFK-FM’s morning drive-team team — John Auville, Eric Bickel, Jason Bishop and J.P. Flaim — are first-time winners.

Worst Local Villain: Dan Snyder: The Redskins owner is no fan favorite. Also unpopular: Vincent Gray, Marion Barry.

Worst Local Athlete: Albert Haynesworth. The Redskins defensive tackle is more of an embarrassment than an asset on and off the field. Also unpopular: Donovan McNabb, Andray Blatche.

Also, Mike Wise appeared in the “also popular” category for Best Local Columnist, and in the “also unpopular” category for Worst Local Columnist.

Also, how anyone could suggest that Donovan McNabb is a worst D.C. athlete than, say, Tyler Sloan is beyond my ken. No offense to Tyler Sloan.