In six years of doing this job, I’ve seen all sorts of speculative blog posts relating to both major and minor news involving local professional sporting teams — and heavens knows, I’ve written a few myself — but this is a new one to me.

Washingtonian mag, citing an overheard conversation involving a non-football-personnel-related Redskins official made at a local business event, is reporting that “The Redskins Have Chosen a New Quarterback,” according to the headline of this item by Carol Ross Joynt.

I mean, sure. Maybe they have. Even if the current NFL season isn’t technically over. And even admitting that a few things outside the control of the Redskins could theoretically happen between now and the time they execute this plan involving their chosen QB.

Still, might as well replay the lede here:

Washington Redskins president of operations Dennis Greene was overheard telling people at a Washington Economic Club luncheon today that a new quarterback has been chosen, “and fans will be elated.” Greene said the mystery player’s name won’t be revealed until April, when the NFL draft occurs.

Cool. For what it’s worth, Greene is indeed a member of the Washington Economic Club, whose “Premier Supporters” include Washingtonian magazine. Hell, the group’s board of directors includes WaPo publisher Katharine Weymouth; maybe I should ask her if she knows the “mystery player’s name.” Or maybe I should ask Rob Lowe.

(For the record, other WEC members include Ted Leonsis, Nats principal owner Robert Tanenbaum, Kastles owner Mark Ein and Monumental Sports’s John Davies. I better find a way to get invited to these luncheons, where major sporting personnel decisions are apparently first revealed. A full list of members, in PDF form, is here.)

Washingtonian, doing due diligence, asked the Redskins about this report.

“We have not named our 2012 starting QB,” spokesman Tony Wyllie apparently actually told the publication, somehow resisting the temptation to acknowledge that yes, the 2012 starter has already been determined, but can only be revealed to attendees of Washington Economic Club mid-January luncheons.

Oh well. At least fans will be elated.