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I guess I should have known this, but I didn’t until this week, via The Washington Times:

D.C. officials are paving the way for license plates that promote the Washington Redskins and eight other home teams, a quick-and-easy proposal intended to satisfy sports fans without sliding into a slew of offerings that have roiled political waters in various states.

A bill before the D.C. Council would allow city residents to opt for specialty tags that display a local team’s logo to the left of the plate numbers and retain the distinctive “Taxation Without Representation” message along the bottom.

I mean, great. You see these in plenty of other jurisdictions. Why shouldn’t D.C. fans be able to indicate their support for the Redskins, the Caps, the Wizards,, eight other home teams? Really?

So then I wandered my way into the D.C. Council’s online legislation database, and had a look at the “DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA PROFESSIONAL SPORTS TEAMS LICENSE PLATES ESTABLISHMENT ACT OF 2011,” which was introduced in March. One excerpt:

The Mayor shall issue motor vehicle identification tags, with a reflective coating, of a design to enhance public awareness of the 5 District of Columbia professional sports teams and these identification tags shall be called: Redskins Commemorative License Plates,Wizards Commemorative License Plates, United Commemorative License Plates, Capitals Commemorative License Plates, Mystics Commemorative License Plates, Nationals Commemorative License Plates, Kastles Commemorative License Plates, Freedom Commemorative License Plates, Bayhawks Commemorative License Plates, DC Divas Commemorative License Plates.

A lot to chew on there. I’m not sure whether the District has five professional sports teams, but this list includes 10 teams anyhow, including a lacrosse team that plays in Annapolis, a semi-pro women’s football team that plays in Landover, and a now-defunct women’s soccer team that relocated to Florida before going belly-up. D.C. pride, y’all!

Furthermore, while I dearly love the Kastles, is D.C. really going to offer World Team Tennis commemorative license plates? I’d probably get one, just to be the only person in line. Besides Mark Ein.

The Times also reported that the DMV’s director advised a Council committee this week to eliminate the Freedom option, which was nice of her, since neither the team nor the nickname exists. The bill would charge drivers $25 for the plates, with another $20 fee every-other year.

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