The Redskins haven’t hosted a playoff game in [lord knows how many years]. The Wizards have won one a single playoff series since [medieval times]. The Nats have yet to have a winning record since arriving in Washington. Once-triumphant D.C. United has now [done this or that poor thing]. And the Caps — Washington’s Great Red Hope — are on the verge of another early playoff exit against [this or that underdog].

So you can imagine my amazement when my co-worker Jon DeNunzio unearthed this A1 article from just over 20 years ago, celebrating just what a wondrous weekend it had been for D.C.’s pro teams. It says that the city’s winter pro sports teams were a combined 22-3. And I couldn’t find a subsequent correction.

“The jubilation may not have been shared by the chief occupant of that big white house on Pennsylvania Avenue,” Leonard Shapiro wrote.

“I was disappointed,” Redskins Coach Joe Gibbs said when asked what he thought about President Bush, who maintains a residence in Houston, admitting he’d be pulling for the Oilers. “I was sorry the president isn’t a Redskin fan. I’m just glad most of the people in Washington are.”...

“Still,” Shapiro later wrote, “few [wins] will get much sweeter, and with Vice President Quayle watching from the owner's box, not far from Bill Cosby, there was very little that could have spoiled this day for team owner Jack Kent Cooke.”

Or for Washington sports fans, I guess. Which must have been odd.

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