I don’t regularly listen to or watch Blue Jays TV broadcasts, so I’m not totally sure who was speaking here, but I’ll just provide the transcript. It came shortly after Harper’s massive third-inning home run, during an extended segment in which both broadcasters were praising the kid.

“Got a little Bryce Harper story I picked up today,” one of them then said. “When he was 18 years of age, he was playing in the Arizona Instructional League, fall ball, whatever it’s called. His teammates decided as Halloween rolled around, that as an 18-year-old, he needed to trick or treat. So they decided to get him a nice hot dog suit that they put on him, and a bucket.

“And they didn’t send him out among the neighborhood kids, but they did keep him in the clubhouse. And he had to trick or treat to all the lockers of his teammates. That’s what an 18-year old has to go through as a professional ball player. I have a feeling this young man can handle just about anything that comes his way.”

(By the way, Harper apparently singled on the above pitch, which appears to be a few inches off the ground.)

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Bryce Harper’s home run

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