Late in the first half Sunday, the Seahawks were scurrying right along on offense, and the teams were bickering after every whistle, and then, apparently, DeAngelo Hall sat down on the field.

Now, I never saw this on the broadcast, and I forgot to DVR the game, but there were Twitter mentions to keep me informed.

“DeAngelo Hall pull a NY Giants move on the seachikens LOL this foo made me crack up slowly sitting to the ground for an injury,” one person wrote, for example.

“I believe that DeAngelo Hall is staging a one-man sit-down strike,” Seattle Times writer Danny O’Neil put it.

Now, Hall would go on to win NFC defensive player of the week honors, and he had a fine game in between bickering with every Seattle player, but the sit-down strike still interested me. So I went back and listened to both teams’ radio crews as they called the moment in real time.


Steve Raible: And now taking a knee and sitting down, grabbing his leg is DeAngelo Hall.

Warren Moon: I’m gonna tell you what, Michael Robinson just literally drove him to the ground on that last play, and then submarined on top of him. And so he took a beating on that play and he just has to sit this one out, because he would not be able to perform the next play, so he takes a seat on the field.

Raible: He got so excited about trying to get up and jaw with Michael Robinson that he didn’t realize his leg was hurting, and then he just literally took a seat right near the 50-yard line.

Moon: Like I said, Michael Robinson just ENTHRALLED him on that last play. I think [Robinson] went out looking for him on that last run. He was probably assigned to block the linebacker, but he went out to the corner and he took it out on DeAngelo Hall that time.

Raible: And now finally up is Hall, and he’s getting a Bronx cheer from the crowd here as he walks off under his own power. Nobody wants to see anybody get hurt, but they also think that he may just be more embarrassed than anything, because he was just planted by Michael Robinson.

Moon: Well, he’s not a crowd favorite right now.

Raible: No, I’d say you’re right.

Moon: Most guys get applauded when you get up, like yay, you’re ok. Not here today for him.


Larry Michael: Boy, every play’s a fast snap for these guys. DeAngelo Hall is gonna go down, and he’s hurt. DeAngelo goes down and he is hurt. And the crowd doesn’t like it, as he got hit. Now he just sits down. He was complaining to the referee that he got hit. Then he went down. DeAngelo, a good shot of him on the monitor that we have, doesn’t look like he’s too hurt. Looks like maybe his feelings were hurt.

Sonny Jurgensen: No, I think it was because they were running hurry-up offense, and he wanted to slow ‘em down a little bit. That’s how you slow ‘em down, you just kneel down.

Michael: He’s talking to the medical staff.

Sam Huff: He says he has a sore shoulder.

Michael: He’s out there laughing and he’s pointing at his leg. He’s, uh, I could read lips there, and if you could read lips, those are not nice things he is saying. DeAngelo got caught up in a pile.

Huff: I mean, they really dug into him and put him down hard. He got hurt.

Michael: Stepped on his thigh. DeAngelo got up, complained to the referee, then fell down. And now they’re lifting DeAngelo up. They’re gonna give him the business here in Seattle. Gonna have to sit out a play. Bad blood continues between these two teams.

Huff: Well, that’s football. That’s what makes it good.

Michael: DeAngelo, making that a nice slow walk across the field. I like DeAngelo Hall. He’s got some, uh...

Huff: Spunk!

Michael: Spunk. Yes. That’s a good word. Nowadays they call that swag, Sam.

Huff: That’s how much we’re out of it.