If you were watching the game on MASN2, you well remember the time when the feed went kabluey kablooey, and players resembled Smurfs, or Avatar characters, or the Blue Man Group, or Andorians, depending on whose humorous Twitter feed you were following.

Me, I wasn’t even watching the game, but I was instantly granted access to 17 billion images of blue Nationals, thanks to the wonders of the Internet. Blue Blew me away.

It was made all the better since the Nats were wearing throwback bluemers bloomers, with jerseys that read “Grays.” My colleague David Malitz labeled this whole ordeal “MASN’s Blue Period,” and I’m not gonna be able to do better than that.

As for what actually happened, I like to imagine someone dumped a blue raspberry Slurpee inside some control box in MASN headquarters, but who knows? Clearly, someone royally screwed up.

“We are experiencing technical issues with our MASN2 boradcast. We are working hard to fix his as soon as possible,” the MASN Help Desk tweeted.

“Our MASN2 feed has returned to normal. Thank you for your patience,” the same account wrote 10 minutes later.

Bor-ing. Give me a Blue Boradcast any day. Now I’m going to listen to some Miles Davis. Kind of.

(Thanks to @RecordsAndRadio, @kevin_reiss, @murphnd, @mr_KevinJones, @pency87, @smknepper and one other person whose Twitter handle I forgot for all the images.)

I like this one, because the infield is blue. Very Boise State, as WUSA’s Kevin Jones noted.

I like this one, because damn, Jordan Zimmermann is REALLY blue.

I like this one, because it’s just very evocative somehow.