My guy was told that at this point, his seats have not been affected, but that it could still change. He was also told that, while the team is holding on to his payment for a season that may not happen, it would not tell him conclusively whether the seats he paid for months in advance will actually exist.

I assume the team will soon make it clear what’s happening up there, but in the meantime, this awesome close-up shot of the construction (by Reader David) at least gives us a pretty good idea of which sections are in play. (Also seen here.)

The sections involved are 409-419, although even in the key rows, 409 and 419 are only partially affected.

Best I can tell, in 409 and 419, the action starts 14 rows up. In sections 410, 411, 417 and 418, the action starts 7 rows up. In 415, the action starts 6 rows up. And in sections 412, 413 and 416, the action starts 8 rows up.

And while I don’t have the patience or ability to count every little dot to see how many seats are gone, it would appear to be in the 3,000-to-5,000 range. Certainly several thousand.

Note: A previous version of this item incorrectly indicated that rows at FedEx Field are lettered.