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You know, like the night after the team clinched its first playoff berth or first division title, or the day of its first playoff game, or the night of its first World Series appearance.

Of course, these all seemed like fanciful dates that might never actually exist, so the debate was largely theoretical. But now, they are very real indeed, which makes the recent surge in Teddy reportage quite convenient.

So first, E:60 went in-depth on Teddy, with John McCain telling the program that he was “outraged” by Roosevelt’s long losing streak and was calling for Congressional hearings. Then White House Press Secretary Jay Carney got in on the act, opening his Thursday gaggle aboard Air Force One like this:

“I just want to note that there was — Senator McCain gave an important interview the other day, and I think it’s an indication that there’s still a possibility of bipartisanship, bipartisan cooperation and agreement. Because Senator McCain pointedly complained about the fact that at Nationals Stadium, Teddy Roosevelt — the mascot for Teddy Roosevelt has yet to ever win the race among the presidents. This is an outrage. I agree with Senator McCain. I’m comfortable saying that my boss agrees with Senator McCain. After all, it was President Obama who gave the speech I’m sure you all remember in Osawatomie, Kansas last year — a place and a speech that is very resonant in the history of President Theodore Roosevelt.”

Perhaps shocked by the strength of his statement, no reporters asked Carney any follow-ups, or for specific action points, or why he was calling the joint Nationals Stadium. But the very last moment of the gaggle returned to the most pressing topic of the day.

Q: Does the President aspire to be in the President’s race some day?
MR. CARNEY: Let history decide.
Q: Pandering to Teddy Roosevelt.


Also, here’s to a pre-main-event race between Racing Barack and Racing Mitt during the playoffs. Or maybe a pregame sprint down half street. C’mon, Nationals. There’s still some juice left in this withered piece of fruit.

(Transcript via the White House, via Politico.)


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