We all like to endlessly debate the various levels of stardom and marketability of local athletes. A colleague just provided me with some empirical-ish data on the issue.

Now, this all comes from the Nielsen “N-Score” ratings in the Baltimore/Washington market, which were most recently compiled about a year ago. That’s a pretty big flaw, since a lot has changed in the last year — Donovan McNabb cratered, Stephen Strasburg and John Wall blew up, Alex Ovechkin was on HBO, Todd Heap and Clinton Portis were released, and so on.

Bearing all that in mind, I still find this interesting. The Nielsen “N-Score” is based on awareness, appeal, and personality attributes, and it’s meant to measure athletes as potential endorsers. The current Redskins, as you’ll see, did not fare so well on this scale. Here was last year’s Top 15.

1. Cal Ripken Jr.

2. Joe Gibbs

3. Ray Lewis

4. Brooks Robinson

5. Sonny Jurgensen

6. Donovan McNabb

7. Alex Ovechkin

8. Joe Theismann

9. Todd Heap

10. Joe Flacco

11. Darrell Green

12. John Riggins

13. Chris Cooley

14. Ed Reed

15. Ray Rice

That makes five Redskins legends, five modern-era Ravens, and just one active Redskin.