Since I’ve already noted that the Capitals are raising season-ticket prices for a fourth straight year, figured I should go to the other end of the Verizon Center demand spectrum.

The Wizards play the Bucks on Tuesday night. Pro sports, live in your nation’s capital. The teams are a combined 45 games under .500, but at least one of them will likely get a win on Tuesday.

And yet tickets on the secondary market seem affordable. Like, on StubHub, as I type these words, there are 50 tickets offered for the ripe price of $2.00 -- yes, 200 pennies -- or less. There are also about 100 more seats offered for between $2.01 and $5, down from 126 earlier Tuesday afternoon.

Still, that means you and 149 of your best friends could go to this pro basketball game for a total cost of about $500. Nachos not included.

(Via Ball Hogs Radio.)