Whom would the Washington Capitals call from jail if they had but one phone call to make?

It’s a question that I’d honestly never considered before this week, but the answer seems to be Alex Ovechkin. “My lawyer” did not seem to be an option.

“I’m pretty sure he’s got the most connections in the city so I’d be calling him for sure,” D.J. King said.

 “I’d call Ovi,” Mike Green said. “He’s got the funds to do it.”

“Alex Ovechkin just because he has probably the most money to help bail me out,” John Erskine said.

 “Depending on what I got arrested for I’d probably call Ovi so he could bail me out, because he’d be able to afford the bail,” Karl Alzner said.

“I’d go with Ovi just because of who he is in town,” Mike Knuble said.

“Probably Ovi, probably has the most pull,” Tom Poti said. 

“It’s too bad I can’t call myself, but I’m never gonna be arrested,” Ovechkin said.

Can’t wait for the Wizards’ video team to ask players who they’d call from jail if they had but one call to make.