Yes, it’s a bit sad that grown adults — including this one, typing these words — are studiously analyzing the 140-characters-at-a-time favorite sports teams of a 19-year old baseball slugger.

Yes, three blog posts on this subject is probably a bit much.

No, no one will really care what college basketball team Bryce Harper roots for if he’s hitting 30 homers and driving in 100 runs annually for the Nats.

All that said, after first proclaiming his allegiance to the bandwagoniest teams in the country, and then announcing that he hates the Redskins, Harper went back and forth with a bunch of D.C. sports fans this week about why he likes the teams he likes. In the interest of completing the historical record, and getting more adults agitated about the favorite sports teams of a 19-year old baseball slugger, let’s take a look.

The Cowboys

The Lakers


The Caps

His Dad

The Nats

The Redskins

(Thanks to @RecordsANDRadio for the screenshots.)