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“Fine, but I’m going to stick with not watching,” @TrezMartin wrote.

“And I'm going to keep betting against you,” @MahGill wrote.

“Titanic Capt: ‘We’re gonna stick with full speed ahead’ ” @willbhenline wrote.

And so on.

One of the chief complaints from the online crew was that Beck seemed to throw an awful lot of three-yard screens. Like, the team averaged 5.2 yards per pass attempt. Of the 33 qualifying quarterbacks, Blaine Gabbert’s 5.2 average per attempt is the worst in the NFL.

Plus, it seemed like receivers were open downfield here and there, which at least two acknowledged in the postgame locker room, according to Rick Maese and Rich Campbell on Twitter.

(“[I was] kind of open out there today,” Gaffney said, via Campbell. “For whatever reason, John goes through his reads and a lot of times he didn’t come to me.”)

Luckily, Kevin Blackistone actually asked Beck during Comcast SportsNet’s postgame show why it seemed like the downfield guys were never getting a chance, even when open.

“That could be the case,” Beck said. “When I am out there on the field, I’m making the decisions as best I can. You’re making split-second decisions, so I’m trying to do the best I can with the ball. But that’s why tape is so important.

“Yeah, there probably were some guys open downfield. I know there were a few times I sat down with Kyle and we said hey, you know what, be a hair more patient right here, hang in the pocket just a little bit, shoot it downfield, because we had to get some chunks.

“So that’s part of this game. The decisions that we have to make as quarterbacks are so quick, sometimes that can happen. So it’s my job to now look at it, get better, so that doesn’t happen again — so that when we do get an opportunity, I can nail it.”

Then Trevor Matich asked Beck to talk about just how fast things move for an NFL quarterback.

“That’s quarterbacking,” Beck said. “That’s why this position is the way it is. That’s why there’s only certain guys that can do it, that can make those decisions that quick. And those guys separate themselves from the other quarterbacks, and those are the guys that remain starters in this league for a long time. My goal is to be that type of guy, be that type of player. So I’m gonna continually work so I can do that.”

Beck, though, seemed to maintain his trademark confidence, despite guiding an offense that has now put up a combined 31 points in his three starts.

“When we came to the field today, I totally believed that we were gonna win this game,” Beck said. “It felt like this was gonna be the game that we were gonna put our foot down and win....I know that we can do it. I know that we have the right mindset, the right people....

“We’ve got good football players. I believe in the guys that I’m out there with. I believe that they can make plays. So now it’s just up to us, making that play, because we can still win these games. That’s our plan, that’s our mindset. That’s our focus.”