So here it is, from start to finish, after Beck was asked about the switch:

“The number: Well, I’ve been number 12 my entire [career], I think back til I was 8. My very first year of flag football, I was 14, because I was a big Ty Detmer fan. And then my first year of tackle football, my coach — I think he was a big Terry Bradshaw fan or something — he gave me 12. And I was, like, furious. I went home, just so mad.

“But I have rode 12 the entire time, through Pop Warner, junior high, high school, college. But when I was drafted to Miami, that’s Bob Griese’s number that’s retired, so I couldn’t take 12, so I took another number. When I went to Baltimore, I got 12.

“And then last year, I actually came in and tried to get 12,. but because I came in late, Malcolm [Kelly] was away from practice because of injury, we couldn’t work it out last year. And we tried to as the year started, and they said you can’t switch then. So it would have been done earlier if there were OTAs and everything, but because of the lockout and a lot of things that we had to take care of, it finally got done today.”

So basically, when you go out and buy your Beck 12 jersey next month, you can thank a youth football coach who liked Terry Bradshaw.