Turns out Jim Riggleman isn’t the only well-known D.C. sports figure to voluntarily leave a prominent job out of the principle of the thing this summer. John Feinstein — the best-selling author, Post contributor, sports-talk radio guest and occasional e-mail buddy of mine — left the Navy football radio booth after 14 years as an analyst, he announced on his blog.

Why? Well, it’s sort of complicated. Feinstein wrote that he had long been trying to get made an Army-Navy football documentary based on “A Civil War,” pitching the project to CBS Sports, among others.

Then he learned last week that CBS would indeed be making a two-hour documentary on the game, to be shown in full on Showtime and in a shorter form on CBS. But they’ll be doing it without Feinstein. He writes:

The reason I’m stepping down then isn’t because I’m throwing a hissy fit at being left out. But, as I said in my note to the Navy people, Army-Navy and doing Navy football has never been a job to me, it has been a passion. Doing this documentary would have been a labor of both love and passion and, yes, I believe I would have done it better than anyone else.

So, to be at the games this fall and see CBS there with their cameras following players around; knowing they’re in the locker room with their cameras; encountering people from CBS all the time, is something I simply can’t face. It’s a little bit like dating a girl for 10 years, getting dumped and then being invited to her wedding. I just don’t want to watch it.

Feinstein said he loved being a part of Navy, that the door remained open if he decides to return in the future, and that at least he’s glad he won’t have to cover the game in “that god-awful stadium owned by that god-awful NFL owner.”

(Via The Big Lead.)