Remember a few weeks back when I mentioned how John Feinstein was not allowed to bring up the topic of Dan Snyder on Tony Kornheiser’s ESPN 980 radio program? Well, it’s now a moot point, because John Feinstein won’t be bringing up anything on Tony Kornheiser’s ESPN 980 radio program.

The longtime magical radio relationship has apparently ended. Over money. Via Feinstein’s blog:

His radio station made a budget decision to not pay regular guests on his show anymore and I felt, even though the money is minimal, that if the station didn’t value my time enough to continue paying me, then I shouldn’t continue to appear. I won’t put words in Tony’s mouth but I think it is fair to say that he understood my decision.

My basic policy on radio and TV has been pretty consistent through the years: If stations call me on occasion and ask me to come on to talk about a specific event or breaking news, I’m no different than the people I ask for interview time: I just do it....If a station asks me to appear regularly—as in at least once a week—they’re almost always getting the segment sponsored and, in any event, if I’m being asked to carve out time each week, I think I should be paid something....I’ll miss doing the show—it’s fun—but I felt this was the right decision under the circumstances.

Feinstein wrote that he will continue to appear on WTEM’s Sports Reporters, a program on which he is permitted to discuss Dan Snyder. Wonder whether he’s permitted to discuss his budget-related decision not to appear on Kornheiser’s WTEM show on Pollin on Czaban’s WTEM show.