Ted Leonsis was in New Jersey for last year’s lottery win, of course, but Irene Pollin was the face of the organization that day, and a year later, Leonsis is again passing off that honor. He explained why to Dave Johnson on Wizards.com:

“I didn’t think it was appropriate for anyone other than John to go this year and represent us,” Leonsis said. “He’s the face of the franchise. We were lucky to get him, he’ll be playing with whoever we draft for a long long time, so I’ve asked John if he would go. Ernie will go again and obviously sit in that room and work whatever magic he had, and I know Mrs. Pollin has volunteered to help John with some good luck charms and I’ll be doing the same.

“You know, the odds of getting the No. 1 pick are pretty small. That’s why it’s called the lottery. I’m just hopeful that we can get one of the top picks....If we can get a top 5 pick, I’d be thrilled. We’re certainly gonna get, with the two first-round picks, a player. he perfect scenario is we’d get two players that make that team and then that frees us up to have the ability to make some trades and sign a free agent if we want. But the overall goal here is improvement, and to do it built around a young core of players that we’ve drafted and developed.”