The Nationals, as you surely know, honor wounded veterans during the third inning, a moment that always gives way to a sustained standing ovation as touching music is played in the background. At least 29 seats in the Presidents Club are reserved for the military groups that are so honored, and it’s a moment that everyone seems to feel good about.

Some of the touching musical selections have included “God Bless the USA,” “Where the Stars & Stripes & The Eagle Fly,” “Courtesy Of The Red, White And Blue,” Only In America,” and so on. You know the genre.

Well, Friday evening, the Nats switched things up with “Thank You,” Cee Lo Green’s new version of his extremely profane “Forget You,” which he reworked for the National Volunteer Fire Council.

“It’s definitely at the height of a popularity,” he told MTV News about the song, “just kind of unparalleled, and so it’s a convenient means of kind of making use of it and using that same spotlight to acknowledge and expose what a great humanitarian cause this is.”

So the Nats played the tune on Friday, in that spirit. But some fans heard Cee Lo and didn’t realize this was “Thank You,” and not “Forget You,” which has lyrics like “OOOH, I really hate your ass right now.” Probably not what you’d play to honor the troops.

“Cee Lo’s revised song ‘Thank Yo’” honors US heroes. #Nats commitment to saluting our troops remains a top priority,” the club later Tweeted. “Idea came from [here] but moving forward, #Nats will adjust accordingly to pay tribute in a more meaningful way.”

So don’t expect to hear that song again. In explaining what happened, the Nats sent me a list of their military-related gestures, including Me and a Friend Program (free Sunday tickets to children of active duty service members), team visits to military hospitals, in-park physical therapy for wounded service members, military appreciation days and a host of game-day activities.