(Toni L. Sandys/The Washington Post)

The Nats announced on Monday that the 2011 inductees will include James Brown, Dominique Dawes, Brian Mitchell, Willie Stewart, Michael Wilbon and Morgan Wootten.

The revival of the mythical Hall came after The Post’s John Kelly wrote about the weirdly moribund banner-based institution in 2009. He followed up on Saturday, after he was told that there would be a 2011 class, with an Opening Day induction ceremony.

The D.C. Sports Hall of Fame is not a physical space but a mythical one, a way for triumphs to be filtered through the warm glow of nostalgia and enjoyed once again. It also speaks to the continuity of sports, how children who grew up watching ended up playing, coaching or commentating.

Coach Wootten told Answer Man about the days he spent working at Griffith Stadium as a teenager, watching teams such as the Senators and the Homestead Grays.

“It’s mind-boggling for a kid who used to usher at old Griffith Stadium to get to see his name up there at the new Nationals Park,” he said.

Clearly, there’s no need to quibble about any of the inductees. Though one reader did point out that Wilbon is the same fellow who once asked readers when the Nats 2008 Opening Day would be. You know, the first game in Nats Park history. That one.

The Nats’ press release said the six new members will bring the total membership to 86, including Sammy Baugh, Josh Gibson, Walter Johnson, Wes Unseld and Sonny Jurgensen.