(The Washington Post)

“Why would you come back for this” he asked after McNabb’s first benching of the season.

“My question is why McNabb, with just a few years left in his career, would want to tie himself to such a dysfunctional franchise, one that would embarrass him the way the team did,” Wilbon wrote after McNabb signed his contract extension.

“I hope they cut him, so he can go somewhere else where there’s an atmosphere that’s not Days of Our Lives,” Wilbon said in December.

So his latest thoughts probably aren’t a surprise. But if you’re curious, in the ongoing saga of head coach and offensive coordinator vs. quarterback, Wilbon is siding with the quarterback. This came in Tuesday’s episode of PTI, when Tony Kornheiser read Wilbon the transcript from McNabb’s strange YouTube cameo about proving people wrong in the 2011 season.

“Of course, nobody’s had the chance even to sort of pry Donovan McNabb away from the Washington Redskins, who don’t want him, and as far as some of us are concerned, who treated him shabbily,” Wilbon said.

“It wouldn’t take much prying,” Kornheiser pointed out.

“The Shanahan boys don’t want Donovan McNabb,” Wilbon continued. “I hope he does [prove people wrong]. I’m friends with Donovan. I want to see him come back and make them look BAD for the way they treated him.”

“Here’s what we saw last year most of the time in passes under 20 yards: he would one-hop them,” Kornheiser said. “So he’s got to prove to somebody out there that his arm strength is still really good. I’m intrigued by what he said about working on fundamentals and getting into shape. Is that some implicit way of saying maybe I wasn’t that last year, which was the criticism?”

“You and I have been around quarterbacks enough to know, guys will spend the summer looking at their dropback, whether they’re setting up quickly enough,” Wilbon said. “There are things that even Tom Brady and Peyton Manning will look at in the offseason. So Donovan looking at those things? Good. Good for him. I think he can have a great season, depending on which team picks him up.”