See, I’ll just transcribe his thoughts on the Redskins’ quarterback situation, and it will be kind of a mini-column.

For the record, I share the viewpoint of the rational half of Washington that figures why not give Beck a try.

Anyhow, here’s Wilbon. I’ll even give him a byline.

By Michael Wilbon, delivered verbally to ESPN 980

“This is what Washington lives for, a game that produces a quarterback controversy. Even when they’re 3-1, they’re in the throes of a quarterback controversy.

“At 3-1, when neither of the quarterbacks is a franchise quarterback!

“I remember all of the columns by my friends when Rex Grossman had a couple good games. And it was like, those people in Chicago, they were harsh. They don’t really know Rex Grossman.

“We, after four halves of football, we know Rex Grossman, because Coach Shanahan can coach him up. And those inferior people with the Bears got in Rex’s way on his march to Canton.

“And it’s like, shut up. Rex Grossman is what he is. Rex Grossman’s gonna have two or three more great games this season, if Mike Shanahan lets him play. And he’s gonna have two or three more games like he had yesterday, because we have SEVEN YEARS worth of sample size to check on Rex Grossman.

“We knew this was coming. It’s not a surprise.

“So the question now is what do you do? Do you put John Beck in? My answer is no. You go back to Rex Grossman, who’s likely to throw for 350 yards next week.”