Good idea? Not everyone thinks so.

Like, Michael Wilbon was on the Scott Van Pelt Show Thursday afternoon. He still isn’t having it. Here’s what Wilbon said when asked how Washington is reacting to the rumors.

“It can be summed up in three short words: Oh. My. God,” Wilbon said. “Because you don’t know what to make of it. I mean, Scott, you know this area much better than I do, for even a longer period of time. I’ve known it for 30 years, involved with Redskins fans and covering the team. People are so desperate, because what was a franchise that expected to win, now expects to not win. They expect calamity; not just not to win, but calamity.

“So even the people who want Peyton Manning are like wait a minute, what’s gonna happen? Is Peyton Manning gonna come here and it’s still gonna be another disaster? I mean, we had Joe Gibbs, he was supposed to be a savior, he wasn’t. We had Mike Shanahan, he was supposed to be a savior, and his record’s even worse than the previous records.

“So there’s hope, but still disbelief, if you can believe that. Those seem to be conflicting feelings, but they go hand in hand, and with the Redskins you just never know. But people acknowledge that if this was about money — and I don’t believe it is — but if it is about that, and bringing in whoever Peyton Manning wants to bring — Tom Moore, other receivers, Reggie Wayne — they’ll do it. Dan Snyder will simply write a check and do it.

“But I think this would be a disastrous place for Peyton Manning to come. I don’t see why he would make that decision.”

Mel Kiper also doesn’t see it. Here’s what he said on ESPN Thursday morning, when asked for Manning’s best landing spot.

“It’s not Washington, because maybe Peyton doesn’t want to go up against Eli, and have one of the Manning brothers preventing the other from moving on,” Kiper said. [The Redskins] would like Manning; I don’t know if Manning would prefer to go there.”

(Express image via @JenXperience)