We will sell out all games at Verizon Center during the regular season; click here for your single game tickets now; we keep some single tickets available to introduce people to the game or who can’t commit to season tickets; this is the right thing for us to do and I hope you will act now to buy your single game tickets.

Which, fine, I understand. More surprising, however, has been the push over the last few days to sell tickets to Saturday’s season opener. A weekend night, a home opener, a divisional opponent, a Redskins bye weekend....why have their ads all over WashingtonPost.com and WashingtonCapitals.com, urging fans to buy tickets to Saturday’s game? Why, around 32 hours before the puck drops, are fans visiting the team’s Web site greeted with the above splash image? Why have the prices of the cheapest seats on the site dropped at least $21 just since Thursday, to $49 pre-tax?

I just counted the available tickets on the Caps’ Web site and got to 367, which, granted, is not a very large number. It’s something like 2 percent of the arena’s capacity. I asked a Caps spokesman, who assured me that the team’s streak of more than 100 consecutive sellouts would continue on Saturday.

Anyhow, more memorable images from the week that was.

Looks like state pride to me. (Both images via @RandyEdsall).