Remember last week when Willie Parker said the Redskins “weren’t about football; they were about partying and stuff like that?” And that “when you’ve got one person trying to come in and be straight about football, I mean, it’s never gonna work.”

Well, if the implication is that Parker was trying to be straight about football, Rocky McIntosh has some thoughts.

“Man, I seen Willie Parker in the club when he was here,” Parker said Monday on Mike Wise’s 106.7 The Fan radio show. “Everybody’s human, man, everybody goes out and has a good time. But when it comes down to game time, I can tell you that all these guys are focused on the task at hand, just trying to get it done, put their best foot forward.”

Wise and Holden Kushner also asked Bruce Allen if he had any thoughts on Parker’s comments; “I don’t know why he said it. I don’t,” Allen said, declining to comment.

DeAngelo Hall, meantime, hadn’t heard about Parker’s message, but he didn’t seem concerned.

“Willie was kind of a guy who kind of stayed to himself,” Hall told Wise. “I don’t remember him coming up to me, talking about going to any parties or anything like that. I know Larry Johnson is a bit of a partier, and those guys might have went out a couple times, but Larry wasn’t even a part of this team, so I don’t know where that conflict came from. Totally left field....

“I mean, there’s definitely some guys who do like to party, but I don’t think that’s indicative of the nucleus of this team. I don’t really party during the season anyway, but it is a lot of guys who want to put their names on parties after games and things like that, and to each their own. If that’s how they choose to do it, then that’s how they choose to do it. If I’m not playing, I’m at home with the kids or trying to get better. I think that’s probably the consensus of a lot of guys in that locker room.”