(via Washington Wizards)

While the hair, makeup and tanning still come gratis, the dance team’s sole sponsor this year is Ciroc, which means no more discounted veneers or nose jobs.

Getting the squad looking the way it does is still serious business. Suitcases full of uniforms and practice attire, stylists, tanning, makeup and hair extensions mean that getting ready for a game can be a three-hour process.

There’s also the matter of diversity — in terms of hair color.

“We just make sure we’re balanced with blondes, brunettes, short hair, long hair, this that the other,” dance team manager Derric Whitfield said. “We have something for everybody.”

Wizard Girls Lauren, Michelle and Brittney say they don’t mind if they get asked to change their hair color.

“One thing about being in this industry,” he continued. “If I wanted her to be a brunette tomorrow and I set it up and we’re paying for it, then you’re going to be a brunette.”

They have a little more freedom with their makeup, but there are pretty strict guidelines there, too.

“We kind of have more of a natural beauty look, so we don’t go too overboard with the makeup, but we just make sure all the girls have lashes, their eyes are done, their eyebrows are kept nice, lips are done. We try to keep it more natural to showcase their natural beauty.”

Speaking of natural beauty, when I asked about the recent allegations by an NFL cheerleader that other dance team locker rooms can be divided between who has real or fake, um, assets, the girls were quick to put that rumor to rest.

“I think we’re all real on this team,” Brittney said. “We’re all real, so we’re all together.”

Added Michelle: “Victoria’s Secret helps us.”