“I call ‘em the Bullets, ‘cause I want to shoot ‘em,” Charles Barkley said.

Mister Irrelevant’s J.P. Finlay weighed in on the continuing web ads for All-Star votes, writing that “the majority of fans and media think Nick Young and Andray Blatche need to be cut, dismissed, or bought out from the team. Immediately.”

ESPN Radio’s Scott Van Pelt Show continued doing near-daily “Wizards Daily” segments, with Van Pelt endorsing Pamela McGee for head coach during Tuesday’s show.


“This is a team right now that has a backup that actually takes more shots than the guy in front of him,” his co-host, Ryen Russillo said. “Andray Blatche, fool, is the captain. John Wall is completely disenfranchised. They have Rashard Lewis, who is on the books for about $20 million....Are we being harsh? Yeah, we are.”

Joe House chimed in on Grantland, calling the state of the franchise “weird.”

“It strikes me as no coincidence whatsoever that on the day the team's coach was euthanized, the team’s owner declined comment to the media, was equally silent on the interwebs, but did post two separate links to renditions of Fugazi’s “Waiting Room” on his blog,” House wrote. “My friends, check the lyrics and judge for yourself. Seriously, don’t front, Ted. That sh-t is sacred to some of us. Function is the key.”

And amid all that, the Wizards kept coming to work, and breathing, and being alive. Nick Young, above, probably said it best.

(Thanks to @RecordsANDRadio.)