Resignation, because these draft lottery things usually go badly for the Wizards. Disappointment, because there’s a clear No. 1 pick, and then uncertainty after that. Relief, because it could have been worse.

Still, they pretty clearly weren’t popping Champagne bottles when their team was given a pick one slot below their second-worst record. But hey, might as well hold a merchandise sale anyhow. This is the splash page at Thursday morning.

“Is getting a lower draft position than predicted worth celebrating?” one wag asked. “Or is it a passive-aggressive only 10% off sale?”

In fairness, the Bobcats also celebrated moving down one spot in the draft lottery. The Cavaliers did not.

Full disclosure: I gave Team Monumental some of my money earlier Wednesday night when I bought my daughter her first Alex Ovechkin t-shirt from the Verizon Center team shop. It made us both happy.