Like this quote, from Martin Luther King’s “Strength to Love” collection of sermons, which CSN captured from the team’s locker room white board Wednesday eve. This particular quote is also featured on the MLK Memorial, although the wording there is slightly different, as seen below.

In addition to MLK, the Wizards were given a talk this week by a military member whom Flip Saunders invited, which led to this priceless bit of reporting from Michael Lee:

The day before, Saunders had brought in a Marine to speak to the players for about 40 minutes about the value of being unified and supportive....Afterward, Crawford credited the motivational speaker for helping the team play more inspired, but he added that there was extra motivation as the players stepped on the floor.

“They played some Tupac before the game,” Crawford said with a laugh.

This has to be the most captivating 2-12 team in pro sports history.