Monday was one of the most cataclysmic days yet in the NBA labor skirmish, and the rhetoric was heated on all sides.

The Wizards’ star players, of course, mostly haven’t been involved in the negotiating process; their player-rep is the little-known swingman Maurice Evans, one of the players’ leaders.

“We’ve literally compromised; we’ve literally bargained in good faith and for that not to be good enough, it’s inexcusable,” he said on Monday, via Michael Lee. “We were left with no options.”

Some of the team’s better-known stars, on the other hand, reacted via Twitter. See below.

Jordan Crawford started with a perfect mix of humor and common sense, and then moved on to his social plans.

John Wall was mostly responding to followers on Monday, although at least one of them brought out a labor answer, after asking Wall to play for the Lakers.

No idea what this is about, either, via Andray Blatche.

Trevor Booker has been a fairly reasonable voice through these months of uncertainty.

And JaVale “Pierre” McGee continues to make japes. Though he also tweeted “I hope people aren’t looking at the players to [why] this season isn’t starting.”