Blogging about the Wizards’ preseason loss to the 76ers last night bears certain similarities to blogging about just about every Wizards game last season.

Like, you could mention an amazing JaVale McGee dunk, complete with a post-dunk smh-at-everything stare down of a defender and the world, a play which earned McGee’s No. 1 highlight of the night.

You could also mention a spectacular missed dunk, this one from John Wall, which earned jeers on the Philadelphia broadcast.

And you could also mention a McGee airball followed by an audible McGee curse. Parental discretion is advised if your volume is up.

“No team in the league gives you higher highs and lower lows on a play-to-play basis,” Trey Kerby wrote.

“When we stuck to our system and we played team defense - we looked as advertised - young and athletic and long and competitive,” Ted Leonsis wrote. “At games end - in crunch time - we reverted to individual play.”

Highlight-reel dunks, spectacular missed dunks, airballs and profanities and a loss. A nice summation. Thank you.

(Via @jose3030, TBJ)