Anyhow, I’m sure this is quibbling. Why not let prospective season-ticket holders know that, if things go right, they will have an option to buy playoff seats?

Pixellator-in-chief Ted Leonsis, of course, talked about the playoffs with Mike Wise recently.

Being in the lottery means you’re not a very good team,” he said. “I think if this team can stay healthy and we play a style that Randy loves to play — which is really aggressive, deep rotation, very up-paced because of John and we’re very defensive-oriented — I think we can be very competitive. So a goal would be to make the playoffs and a goal is not to be in the lottery....

“I won’t be happy with our plan if we’re back in the lottery....If we just miss making a playoff spot, no, the world is not going to end. If we’re picking third because we have the second-worst record, no, I will not be happy.”

(Exclamation points in the image added. Expertly, I think.)

(Via @dcuniverse.)