Even though the Wizards aren’t really getting a uniform sponsor, the idea of it in the near future isn’t far-fetched. I asked a few of the players who they’d want to sponsor their uniform. A couple of them thought of their favorite products, while others just wanted free stuff.

 Trevor Booker: “Probably Kellog’s, because I eat a lot of cereal. I eat cereal, like, three times a day.”

 John Wall: “I eat Frosted Flakes. It would say Frosted Flakes right here.” (Pointing to the upper right corner of his jersey.)

 Roger Mason: “Neutrogena face wash, because I use it all the time.”

 Kevin Seraphin: “Apple. Hell, yeah. Picking up free iPods, free Mac, free iPhones. I’ll take it.”

 Jordan Crawford: “Rugby clothes.” (At this point Crawford started giggling about all the free clothes he’d get. Seriously.)

 Chris Singleton: “Spalding. Duh.”

 Cartier Martin: “Mercedes-Benz. I need me one of them S550s, real soon.”