Well, my traffic from the last 24 hours would care to disagree. But don’t just take my word for it. Talk to the Wizards.

The team’s Web site had set all of its traffic records during John Wall’s rookie season, but they were all demolished by the uniform redesign. I mean, shattered.

On Tuesday, the team recorded 522,500 page views, nearly three times higher than any previous single day.

The team also recorded more than 100,000 visits from 92,000 unique visitors, both of which were single-day records.

And the team also earned more than 10,000 video views on Tuesday.

As I told my trusted local sports fan friend, the franchise severed a fundamental link to a generation of fans with a ridiculous name and a ridiculous color scheme, both of which came to be associated with losing and, eventually, scandal. And they replaced the look with a beautiful and classy design that harkens back to a better day and, even further back, a championship legacy. So yes, people are interested.

(Note: A previous version of this item said the video views set a record on Tuesday. That was incorrect.)