The week will also include “in-arena celebrations” in Washington and Golden State, featuring “a variety of elements and activities that pay tribute to Chinese culture,” plus players wearing “specially designed Chinese New Year shooting shirts from adidas.” See here.

As for D.C.’s celebration (during Sunday’s home game against the Celtics), the team put out a release promising stuff you don’t always see at Wizards games, like ping-pong, calligraphy and Bobby Dandridge participating in a “waking up of the lions” ceremony. Excerpts:

The game will feature in-arena celebrations and concourse activities honoring Chinese culture including traditional musicians, singers, calligraphy, ping pong and tai chi demonstrations. Performers will also be on hand to showcase traditional attire. In addition, there will be a halftime performance from the Wong People Chinese Lion Dancers.

As part of the celebration of the Year of the Dragon, players from both teams will wear specially designed Chinese New Year shooting shirts from adidas, the league’s official on-court apparel outfitter, which will be available for fans worldwide at Bullets & Wizards Alumni Association president Bob Dandridge, also a member of the 1978 Championship team and the delegation that visited China in 1979, will be joined by Chinese officials and take part in the “waking up of the lions” ceremony which is a symbolic gesture that highlights our partnership and to pass on the energy and spirit of the game to the fans.

All that, plus an opportunity to hang out with 5,000 Celtics fans! (Joking, Wizards PR people, joking!)

Anyhow, there are also t-shirt and button giveaways, seen above. I’m not exactly sure what the Chinese characters say, but I’m guessing “Diaper Breath” or something like that.