Hey look, it’s Wolf Blitzer, sitting with Ernie Grunfeld at Monday night’s Wizards-Suns game.

“Hey, there’s our friend Wolf Blitzer, who’s out here covering the 20th GOP presidential debate, which will be in Mesa, Arizona,” Steve Buckhantz said on Comcast SportsNet. “And he’s sitting with team president Ernie Grunfeld. Of course, Wolf and his wife Lynn are tremendous Wizards fans. They have season tickets. Wolf comes to many games, most of them in fact.

 “Nice he can mix in a little basketball with his duties,” Phil Chenier said, nicely.

“Yeah it is,” Buckhantz agreed. “You know he’s gonna see the Wizards any chance he can get.” 

So Wolf Blitzer and Chris Wallace and Pat Sajak are evidently the most famous D.C. sports fans, if I’m adding correctly.