I’ll say this: if you’re going to have a propaganda video touting the brightness of the future, might as well have Wolf Blitzer deliver it. I mean, this propaganda carries a bit more gravitas than the local weatherman in Oklahoma City.

And so, the veteran CNN newsman offers up this Situation Room send-off for the Wizards entering the offseason. The video, via the Wiz’s Facebook page, is above; the text is below.

“Here’s the Wizards’ situation: the Wizards have gotten back to their championship roots by changing to the nation’s colors or red, white and blue. The owner, Ted Leonsis, has aligned his three teams – the Wizards, the Caps and the Mystics – by aligning all of their uniform colors. The past has met the future and the future looks bright for the young Wizards team, as John Wall leads them into a new era. With the NBA draft coming and the Wizards having the 6th, the 18th and the 34th picks, they will look to add to their deep core of youth. Will the Wizards’ new uniforms and logos bring a sense of history to the next chapter? Will John Wall lead this team to the promised land as Wes Unseld did in the late ‘70s. I know I’m excited about the new look and the future of this team, but we’ll see how the situation unfolds as the Wizards take another monumental step in the right direction.”