Seems most good D.C. residents were watching the Caps game on Sunday night. That includes at least three high-ranking members of CNN’s political team, who all had to be roused from watching Game 2 to cover the most important story of the year.

First, here’s Wolf Blitzer’s account, via CNN’s Web site:

I was at home. I had just started watching the Washington Capitals in the Stanley Cup games. With a minute to go in the third period, (Capitals captain Alexander) Ovechkin scores a goal, ties it up. It was very, very exciting.

Sam Feist, our political director and senior executive producer, calls me up and says, “How long would it take you to get to the bureau?” And I said, “Not long.”

He said, “Hurry!”

At least Blitzer was home. Not all of CNN’s talent was so lucky. Here’s from a story in Broadcasting & Cable which quotes Feist at length

I called Wolf Blitzer, who was at home in Maryland watching the Washington Capitals game. And I said, “Get in. Now.”....At the same time, our chief national correspondent John King was at the hockey game with his daughter, and he raced to the Washington bureau. And our chief White House correspondent Ed Henry was at the hockey game and he raced to the White House. All not knowing what this was, we didn’t know what the content of the statement was; we had no idea what the news was. I

Which explains why Henry was wearing a red polo shirt during Sunday night’s broadcast. Though it would have been much more memorable had he been wearing a John Erskine jersey.