Here’s Wolf Blitzer talking about Natitude on CNN. No, seriously, he actually uses the word “Natitude” on CNN, in front of a lot of people who don’t follow the Nationals, and probably haven’t heard of “Natitude” before.

“All right, there’s some huge news coming out of Washington, D.C. right now,” Blitzer began. “The Washington Nationals Major League Baseball team officially clinched a playoff spot [Thursday] night. This is the first time a Washington team will play postseason baseball, get this, since the 1933 World Series.

“Franklin Roosevelt became president that year, and threw out the first pitch of the Series, which the then-Washington Senators lost to the then-New York Giants. It’s also the year construction began on the Golden Gate Bridge. Prohibition ended after a 14-year run. And the big movie of the year? King Kong.

“There have been 13 different presidents during Washington’s playoff drought. And as you can see in these pictures, there’s a lot more traffic on Pennsylvania Avenue than there was 79 years ago. So congratulations to the Washington Nationals for bringing baseball back to Washington, D.C. Go Nats.”

Then the CNN newswoman asked Blitzer to say his favorite line on-air. 

“Hashtag, Natitude,” he said. “I tweet it all the time. We’ve got the best record in Major League Baseball, and we’re going going going.”


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