Among the reasons sometimes given for why Peyton Manning would not come to Washington, this one is a total wild card: would he prefer to stay out of Eli Manning’s division?

Thomas Boswell, for one, said yes Peyton would, during a Post chat:

Do you really think that Peyton is going to come play in the same division against Eli twice a year? That would really be in bad taste, imo, given that he has SEVEN other divisions he could play in. Peyton is not coming. Think other thoughts — like “trade up for RGIII or not.”

Well, when a Redskins fan e-mailed ESPN Radio to suggest that familial loyalty — plus general mediocritiy — would keep the elder Manning from coming to D.C., Mark Schereth took immediate exception.

“The winner of that division, what was their record? 9-7,” Schlereth said. “The winner of that division lost to the Redskins not once but twice, right? So if you’re the Washington Redskins, are you not saying listen, we’re one quarterback away from winning this division? And not a rookie quarterback, a legitimate quarterback.

“And I hear people say ‘Well Peyton wouldn’t want to go to Miami, because he wouldn’t want to play against Brady, or Peyton wouldn’t want to go to Washington, because he wouldn’t want to have to line up against his brother twice [a year].’....

“Are you kidding me? This is one of the most competitive people on the planet. There’s NOBODY you would rather beat than your brother, right? You want to continue to fight against your brother. That’s what they’ve been doing since the time they were born. For crying out loud, of COURSE he’d want to go to Washington to compete against his brother.

“What would the opening schedule be? What would the Thursday night game be? The Super Bowl champion New York Giants vs. who, on Thursday night, to open the season? It’d be the Washington Redskins. It’d be Peyton vs. Eli. There’s no question he would relish that opportunity. He’s a COMPETITOR.”

(Note: I typically start these Peyton Manning radio transcriptions with an aside about how I can’t believe this is what I’m doing with my life. Over the weekend, a reader e-mailed to say that he actually does like hearing what different experts think about Manning-to-the-Skins, and that my constant apologies at the top of every item were annoying. So fine, I’ll put the apology at the bottom this time. Seriously, what a life.)


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