1) This showed that Cooley had a unique way of connecting to both fans and media members, a manner that transcended typical athlete-other dichotomies, a manner that made you feel like he was of you and your community, not any different than Johnny Johnson from Pine Street who led your high school football team on Friday nights but then was out raking leaves by the playground on Saturday morning. This was the Cooley who inspired 47 Endearing Things from Mr. Irrelevant, who prompted Mike Wise to write that “the Redskins lost a piece of themselves Tuesday afternoon,” who helped create father-son-Cooley-jersey photos, photos that might come close to making you weep about sports, and aging, and family, and life. That’s why a sports anchor might wear a Cooley jersey on-air. Because as silly as it all is, the guy seemed to mean something to tens of thousands of people, something more than catching a stupid pass.

2) Whoa, since when do we live in Wichita?

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