State law allows the MVA to deny tags that have a scatological or sexual meaning; use curse words, epithets or obscenities; carry a “fraudulent or deceptive purpose” (FBI and CIA are banned); refer to illegal acts (sorry, no HEROIN or KILLALL) or convey messages about a group’s race, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation or disability.

Just being offensive to someone isn’t enough, [MVA spokesman Philip Dacey] says. That’s why SUX2BU joined the ranks of Maryland’s 88,000 approved vanity tags. “It seems like it’s more of a statement, just a personal view of the world,” he says, adding that employees use judgment in “gray areas.”

“PIMP,” “CHUMP,” “TOILET” “BUNS” and “SAFESEX” are also no good. Thankfully, “CWBYSUK” — which a reader recently sent to me — made it to the right side of gray.

After the jump, a mysterious Redskins plate from Virginia submitted by Reader Bob (meaning?), an insane Cowboys car Reader Brian spotted on 395, and a Cowboys in D.C. shirt someone wore to the Redskins draft day party.