((Via @WashWizards.))

Ernie Grunfeld, of course, also had some jewelry on hand during that 2010 win.

“It’s something I got from my father when I was about six years old,” he told Comcast SportsNet’s Chris Miller then. “It’s actually just a basketball [charm], or a ball in general.”

Last year’s lucky charms clearly did not work, but Zach Leonsis — who will represent the Wizards on stage Wednesday night — has a new batch in store.

 “These are all the good luck charms that are hopefully gonna help us in the draft tonight,” he told WashingtonWizards.com’s Casey Phillips. “I have both my grandfathers’ wedding bands. Both my grandfathers have passed away, but my sister and I were really close with them, so I’ve got both their wedding bands here. I’ll keep those in my pocket while I’m on stage. And then my dad also gave me this that was from his yiayia, his grandma, this little Greek trinket/cross. So I’ll keep those in my pocket and hope for the best.”

Leonsis’s father, Ted, also talked about good luck in his blog.

“Luck. Good fortune. A ping pong ball falling the right way. Amazing that the fortunes of some franchises are made in such a random fashion — but that is how it goes in a lottery-based system,” he wrote.

Indeed. And I’d ridicule the whole trinket thing, except I always pat on the felt in the same pattern before throwing dice at a craps table. So here’s to wedding bands and Greek trinket/crosses. And feel free to read about the long list of failed Bullets/Wizards lucky charms.

(Image via @WashWizards, which is covering the trip to lottery headquarters.)