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The Washington Post

Yesterday, Bryce Harper became the fourth Nationals player to hit three home runs in a game. A look back to when Alfonso Soriano became the first.

The blowing hair, the red helmet in his wake. The resemblance is uncanny, really.

Nationals outfielder and longtime girlfriend Kayla Varner had an engagement photo shoot in D.C. a few weeks ago.

Don't worry, he only used one hand.

Kids will decide if Ovechkin has the 'sickest moves' in sports.

Nats outfielder appears to grow a beard en route to first base.

Nationals manager says situation will dictate whether Harper slides headfirst.

ESPN writer suggests rookie manager mishandled Bryce Harper situation.

Most analysts agree the Angels' Mike Trout is the best player in Major League Baseball.

Proving yet again that everything old is one day new again, please do check out this story about the Yankees great getting benched

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