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The Washington Post

Jay Gruden keeps talking about quarterback wins. He should probably stop that.

Redskins coach describes the process of wooing his new weapon.

Redskins new coach is not concerned about his quarterback's new logo. Is a sentence I just typed.

New coach suggests that franchising Brian Orakpo was partly a response to Seahawks' success.

Redskins coach makes it clear that he is not Mike Shanahan.

The team's latest season-ticket mailing has new slogans, and a new coach.

Redskins head coach says he's obsessed with protecting his quarterbacks from blitzes.

The Redskins -- and the media -- are increasingly using this phrase 'Redskins Nation.' I don't love it.

Redskins quarterback talks to Fox Sports 1 about Baylor and the future.

Redskins coach tells DeAngelo Hall to get ready for an offensive onslaught in training camp.

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