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Baylor coach defends his former quarterback

Robert Griffin III shows how to strike a pose on top of a roller coaster.

Buzz or no buzz, a lot of people were talking about the Wizards late Sunday night.

Former Redskins tight end ran routes with the team's current quarterback. He was blown away.

Former Redskins lineman and current ESPN personality wades into the logo debate. This is getting good.

Redskins new coach is not concerned about his quarterback's new logo. Is a sentence I just typed.

The biggest Redskins news over the weekend was something about a logo.

New Redskins veteran says his younger teammate is still in charge.

If you thought the Comedy Central comedian was done with Dan Snyder and the Redskins, you were wrong.

Why was the Redskins' quarterback posing for photos with a bunch of long snappers, including a Maryland commit?

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